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S T O R Y B O A R D  


Pick Your Poison

Orange Honeysuckle is a young struggling artist who has recently discovered that his inner muses have come to life! Floating above his shoulders wherever he goes, the angel and demon insist on giving him the best and worst advice.

Burger Queen

I was presented with the challenge to create imagery to go along with a dialogue source of my choosing. Scavenging for sounds, I found a recorded phone call between a 911 operator and a diva, turning it into a comedic animatic that features an ultimate cat-fight showdown. 

Lost Dog

Given the task to tell a story under the prompt of "lost dog", I created a musically driven animatic that displays parallel plot-lines between two dogs who are perceived as "lost". This screen design project is the result of my first time using the program Storyboard Pro. 

Don't Press that Button!

Receiving the prompt "Don't Press that Button!", I decided to create a dramatic, do-whatever-is-necessary chase scene that is guided by cinematic instrumentals. 


I present the original storyboard animatic for my first completed animated film 'Smooch' that I created at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Shoot Me a Message!
Give Me
A Call!
N I C K    A.    E R I C K S O N

Animator ~ Illustrator ~ Storyteller

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