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N E O N    C R E A M

This acrylic painting collection enters the high-fructose world of Americana desserts. Hyperrealistic textures unite with flavorful colors to build a universe of diners, bakeries, and nostalgically familiar memories.


Each piece intends to ignite a viewer's appetite which, simultaneously, showcases the culture of the American delights - sundaes, cakes, and soft-serve are equal opportunity. Within all demographics, dessert is relatable.

Neon Cream is a body of artwork that celebrates the edible artwork of American pastime. While ice cream and frosting are often consumed quickly, Neon Cream can be eaten through the eyes, infinitely, without any fear of melting away. 

N I C K    A.    E R I C K S O N

Animator ~ Illustrator ~ Storyteller

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