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N E O N    C R E A M

A collection of acrylic paintings showcasing the luxurious presentations of classic Americana deserts. Vibrant palettes, textures, and frilly accessories unite to build the universe of fanciful self-indulgence, a high-fructose world that is nostalgically familiar to all.


While each highly detailed piece intends to ignite a viewer's appetite, the question arises on whether gazing at artfully decorated delicacies is just as satisfying, if not more, than physically ingesting them - ice cream and cakes cannot be kept safe and be eaten, too.


In the reality of Neon Cream, this body of work celebrates how sweet-flavored, edible artwork can actually be kept on display, immortalized, and also infinitely eaten, through the eyes, without any fear of it melting away. 

N I C K    A.    E R I C K S O N

Animator ~ Illustrator ~ Storyteller

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