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- Senior Film - 

My senior film, Hyperspeed, is a 2D animated music video completed at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The final film, which features the Wild West, a colorful alien race who discover ice cream, and a grumpy creature from underground, is a story about the power of cosmic love that will transport you to the farthest depths of the universe.


Here is a gallery of some layouts that are featured in the final film. All of them are created by me, combining traditional watercolors with digital paint and assistance in Adobe Photoshop. 

Watercolor Textures

This gallery contains all the watercolor textures that I created by hand in order to achieve the visual aesthetic for Hyperspeed. Improvising and 'playing around' with the watercolors, I scanned in the panels once I felt satisfied with their textures, and then imported them into Adobe Photoshop to begin drawing and building my layouts.  

Character Design

Here is a gallery displaying the character designs found in Hyperspeed, arranged in order of appearance. 

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